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Seti Boinc Stats Counter by Neil Munday


Hello and welcome to my little Seti Boinc Stats Counter site

I created this site for the many thousands of SetiBoinc crunchers around the world. The site basically retrieves your stats from Berkeley University to create a graphic similar to the one below:

Seti Stats

Unlike some other similar services on the web, my service caches your results so that you never see anything like "unable to connect to Berkeley" or "server error". The site also uses a time delay system to reduce the demand on Berkeley's servers and my own.

The site also allows you to:

See the Gallery to view user's graphics.

If you would like a SetiClassic stats graphic, please vist my sister site -

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04/07/04: Bug in graphic script fixed - user's statistics are now updated.

02/07/04: Site launched - beta phase started


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