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First "Computers" HP85/HP41/Ti58C/C64/c128/Amigas 500&2000/XT/AT. To silly for something reputable, passed the last 20 years+ installing...

12.11.2004 12:50 UTC
Project was briefly shut down because of security updates

3.11.2004 19:23 UTC
There seems to be network problems. If you can read this, they are most likely solved.

3.11.2004 14:56 UTC

29.10.2004 09:14 UTC
We have now 6000 registered users, over 4000 active users and over 7600 active hosts, but very little work. We try to make some work available soon.

26.10.2004 12:26 UTC
Sixtrack client 4.47 for windows available. It has some improvements.


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